California Prunes

Ok, we admit it. They’re not pretty. In fact, they’re pretty ugly. And they’re the ‘butt’ of many a joke. In fact, just the word ‘Prune’ can make people laugh out loud.

But despite all that, we can’t help being proud of our California prunes. We think they’re even prettier than the plums which are dried to create them. And apparently we’re not alone.

More and more Brits are loving them too. Sales in the UK are going up and up, partly due to celebrity fans like Rosemary Shrager, paul.a.young, Jennifer Irvine and Frances Quinn.

You see appearances are only skin deep and under that wrinkled exterior, lies a wealth of wonders. California prunes are rich and flavourful, healthy and nutritious, easy to carry around and available all year. What’s not to love?

California Prunes are widely available in major supermarkets including Aldi, Holland & Barrett and Tesco's. Just look for California or USA on the pack then you know you are getting the best quality prunes.

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