Breakfast Porridge Flapjack To Go

Breakfast Porridge Flapjack To Go
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180g olive oil based margarine
230g California Prunes
30ml California Prune Juice
50ml lemon juice
6 tbsp mixed seeds - (poppy, sunflower & pumpkin)
70g ready to eat dried apricots
30g sultanas
225g porridge oats
1/2 tsp mixed spice

Prune It is a healthy eating campaign designed to educate consumers to understand the role that California Prunes can play in helping to help reduce the fat and sugar content across a wide range of recipes.  When blended into a puree, prunes offer a useful fat replacer in cooking by adding fat-like (but fat-free) characteristics that also work to enhance the flavours in both sweet and savoury dishes.

In addition, the naturally occurring sugars present in California Prunes can also be used to provide a natural replacement for some of the processed sugars that traditionally feature in sweet recipes.  And because of their high fibre content and ability to add bulk to dishes, California Prunes also have a role to play in reducing portion size without compromising on filling power or taste.


Place the California Prunes, California Prune Juice, lemon juice and olive oil- based margarine into a large pan on a low heat.

Mix all the other ingredients together.

When the margarine mixture has melted add to the dry ingredients. Mix together and pour into a lined tray. Spread evenly and pat down to compact the mixture.

Bake at 160c for 20 minutes.

Peter Sidwell

Peter Sidwell

Peter Sidwell is a chef, baker, author, and the founder of Simply Good Food TV, the new iPlayer for food programming