The ‘Prune It’ Eating Plan

Healthy Eating Tips from California Prunes

The Prune It Eating Plan from California Prunes is a lifestyle plan devised by a registered dietitian and a registered nutritionist.

As well as incorporating prunes to cut down the daily fat and sugar content, the Eating Plan is also good news for anyone looking to achieve sensible and sustainable weight loss. Not only that, Prune It deals with one of the most common barriers to success – feeling hungry.

The Prune It Eating Plan is based on research undertaken by the University of Liverpool, which examined how the inclusion of prunes in the diet induced increased feelings of ‘fullness’ and helped to tackle hunger pangs which can so often derail a weight loss programme.

Prunes are a traditional dried fruit which are high in fibre and feature only naturally occurring sugar, with no added sugar. Unlike many so called ‘quick fix’ diets, Prune It not only delivers an eating regime that deals with hunger, it offers a sustainable more long-term approach. The Eating Plan provides an initial two-week kick start range of meal plans to encourage an altogether healthier lifestyle and includes exercise and motivational tips.

TV Chef Rosemary Shrager’s success on the Prune It Plan

Having been clinically diagnosed as morbidly obese at the beginning of 2016 (during Rosemary’s stint in India, as part of the hit TV documentary The Real Marigold Hotel) and after trying numerous ‘diets’ with limited success, Rosemary sought professional counsel from Jennette Higgs, Registered Dietitian and author of the Prune It Eating Plan from California Prunes.

By feeling satisfied, motivated and eating sensibly, Rosemary has now adopted a healthier way of eating. The Prune It plan contains a selection of tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as convenient snacks which has resulted in a steady weight loss for Rosemary. On the Prune It Eating Plan she has dropped three dress sizes and reduced her waist by 14 cm.

In addition to losing weight, Rosemary has experienced a number of other health benefits whilst following the plan:

“I’ve got so much more energy now and the breathlessness that used to accompany any physical activity has gone. My skin is much clearer and I’ve also noticed a significant improvement in the pain in my arthritic knee. As a chef, I’m charged with creating delicious eating experiences, so for me to succeed, I needed to find a plan that enabled me to still indulge my love of food and not feel like I was missing out. With Jennette’s guidance and using the principles of the Prune It plan from California Prunes, I can honestly say, I’ve never felt better!”

Why not kickstart the heathier version of you by giving the Prune It Eating plan a try?

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