Poland is a large market, with a population of almost 40 million and the sixth largest economy in the European Union. California Prunes enjoy a great reputation in Poland, and have strong potential in the restaurant, food and retail sectors. The Polish consumer actively looks for quality foods which can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and California Prunes respond perfectly to those needs.

Popular Uses

Though prune usage in Poland is traditionally high in holiday seasons, prunes also feature in everyday menus at home and in restaurants, and can be found in muesli and breakfast cereals.

Amongst superfood fans, prunes are incorporated as a healthy addition to the diet, and are also used extensively in the food trade in confectionery, dairy and meat.

Local Events

California Prune Board representatives attend industry events in Poland, either as participants or as exhibitors. During 2016-2019, CPB Poland exhibited at;

  • WorldFood Poland (2016 and 2019),
  • Congressus Dietetica (2017 and 2018)
  • 3rdFood Forum National Congress, 2017.

In 2018, the California Prune Board joined the ‘America from the Kitchen’ initiative coordinated by the Agricultural Department of the US Embassy in Warsaw. CPB also regularly organises community meetings with local bloggers and journalists, including press events and cooking workshops led by Polish chefs.

Cultural Significance

Prunes have been used in Polish cuisine for hundreds of years and southern parts of Poland are famous for plum cultivation. In the past, the traditional annual drying of plums in late autumn was a common sight in the Polish countryside, with fresh plums being dried in a bread oven or homemade smokehouses.

Dried/smoked prunes are still available in Poland, however the smoky aftertaste is what makes them different to sweet and meaty California Prunes, which find more day-to-day usage among Polish consumers.