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How to enjoy California Prunes

California Prunes are incredibly versatile so there are many ways in which you can easily tap into the power of prunes. Here are some simple ideas to help you incorporate prunes into your daily eating regime.

  • Kick start the day with a generous 50g serving of California Prunes (5-6) added to your morning breakfast cereal or yoghurt. Gradually increase your prune and (and fluid) intake over a few days if you are new to this wonderful dried fruit
  • Make up a tasty soup featuring California Prunes or add them to a super healthy salad
  • Grab some California Prunes as a convenient snack (either on their own or include as part of a home-made trail mix)
  • Keep it smooth …., experiment with incorporating some California Prunes or California Prune juice into your favourite smoothie blends
  • Get creative in the kitchen and cook up a delicious sweet or savoury bake featuring California Prunes, to add a sumptuous rich sweet flavour and moisture to any dish. Check out our recipe pages for some great ideas (insert link to recipe tab)


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