Enjoy a picnic with prunes

When the sun shines why not head out for a picnic, embracing the fresh air, and maybe riding a bike to find the perfect picnic […]

16 June 2018


Reigniting children’s love of prunes

Prune puree is a common element in a baby’s diet, through weening and into first foods. But as the child gets older we forget about […]

8 May 2018


Easter bakes with California prunes!

Easter is just around the corner and nothing says family get-together more than a delicious cake in the middle of the table. Whether it is […]

16 March 2018

Ambassadors, Healthy

The California Prune Kitchen – where healthy meets amazing

We know how amazing California prunes are with their extraordinary health benefits and their versatility when it comes to creating tasty dishes that the whole […]

28 February 2018


California Prunes Travel Survival Pack

Travelling can play havoc with even the best healthy eating and weight management regimes. And the first place you feel it is in the gut. […]

12 October 2017


The Super Powers of the Humble Prune

To paraphrase the great Jane Austin, it is a truth universally acknowledged that prunes are incredibly good for us (at least we are certain that […]

6 July 2015

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Have California Prunes, Will Travel


Have California Prunes, Will Travel

So this blog has been mostly us prattling on about how we are doing here at Prune Towers HQ, and all about our latest news. […]

6 October 2014

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