About California Prunes

Original Superfood

noun: superfood; plural noun: superfoods; noun: super-food; plural noun: super-foods
a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

Prunes are without doubt one of the original superfoods and prunes from California represent quite literally the pick of the crop! As the largest producer and supplier of the best prunes in the world, California exports its supreme superfood – with a reputation for legendary flavour and outstanding quality – to more than 72 countries.

Unsurprisingly, Britons are amongst those clamoring to get their hands on this ultra healthy, highly nutritious (for more information visit – Nutrition&Health) and hugely delicious wonder food. California Prunes are your ultimate store cupboard item with chameleon tendencies, ideally placed to step up to the plate as either a convenient, wholesome snack or as a versatile cooking ingredient.


The California Prune Board

The California Prune Board, under the authority of the California Secretary of Food and Agriculture represents the entire 800 prune plums growers and 29 prune packers of California, which is the largest producer of prunes in the world. Prunes from California are widely recognised for their superior quality due to the regions’ rigorous harvesting techniques and stringent quality control assessments.

The California Prune Board is responsible for the marketing of California Prunes and has been actively promoting its ‘designer’ prunes to consumer and trade customers in the UK and Europe since 1986. The marketing campaign includes:

  • Advertising, public relations and sales promotion
  • Market research
  • Production, processing and nutritional research
  • Education

Pioneering Research

In addition to supplying ‘extra’ordinary prunes and playing a pivotal role in developing the European prune category, the California Prune Board also leads the way in supporting world class, cutting edge research on the extensive health and nutrition benefits associated with incorporating prunes in the diet. The Board’s investment into nutritional research was rewarded with an European Commission health claim in 2013, which confirms that eating 100g prunes daily has a beneficial effect on normal bowel function. As the natural industry authority and category leader, California Prunes remains committed to working with scientists to verify further important health claims.

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