California Prunes Travel Survival Pack

California Prunes Travel Survival Pack

Travelling can play havoc with even the best healthy eating and weight management regimes. And the first place you feel it is in the gut. Lack of mobility, dehydration and eating higher fat, higher sugar and higher salt foods are all to blame, but there are ways to prevent your digestive health suffering.

Keep a refillable water bottle and pack of California Prunes at the ready for any trip!

It’s half term very soon and that often means families heading off for some sun before winter sets in or just going to visit friends and family by train or road. Hopefully your journey times aren’t too long but even a short haul flight can have an effect. So here is some useful advice to keep you on track and help you recover from your travels quickly.

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Our first piece of advice is about food choices. Airports, train stations and motorway service stations are not generally known for their healthy cuisine. If you are bored or hungry it is very tempting to just grab and go. If you are prepared with some healthier snack choices before you head off, you can be more selective without feeling guilty or being left feeling hungry.

fresh fruit

We recommend, if it is available, you select fresh fruit for its nutritional content, its flavour and hydrating qualities. Quick tip though, eat it and don’t pack it, or you could end up with an unappetising squashed pulp.

You might also like to make your own trail mix using dried fruits and nuts. Any combination goes, just make sure the ingredients you choose are high quality and the dried fruit doesn’t have any additional added sugar. Make up your mix and carry it in a handy container in your bag ready for when the munchies kick it.

water on flight

The next key piece of advice is to keep up your water intake to avoid dehydration. Pressurised cabins dehydrate your body quicker than if you were on the ground and therefore you need to drink more than usual to stay hydrated. A well hydrated body not only prevents tired eyes, headaches and dry skin but it also aids food transit and keeps your gut healthy.

Carry a refillable water bottle with you when you are travelling which you can top up regularly. Be aware of the security measures regarding how much liquid you can carry through security though.

Try to avoid caffeinated drinks when you are travelling. The caffeine dehydrates you which could mean more toilet stops and it will likely interfere with your sleep too, especially annoying if you are on a long haul flight.

Alcohol can help you relax and help you sleep in a seat but it can also dehydrate you. If you have an alcoholic drink, ask for a glass of water at the same time and try to drink 2 measures of water for every measure of alcohol.

The last piece of advice for keeping comfortable while travelling is exercise. Exercise is good for getting your system, including your gut, back on track, so walk about at every opportunity.

We hope this advice helps but if you would like more travel tips then please download our guide. You’ll have some interesting reading material for your journey too!