Give your snacks some Prune Power!

Give your snacks some Prune Power!

holiday snacks

Summer means days out, travelling and adventures and that means being away from home and away from the kitchen. That’s where snacks come in, particularly if you are out and about with children! We love exploring new places and excitement-filled days but being hungry can really take the fun out of it.

Snacks. The word itself is enough to bring on an anxiety attack if you are a parent or if you are following a healthy eating regime. When we think of snacks we tend to think of quick fixes that curb hunger and give you an energy boost but we also tend to associate snacks with added sugar.

Are your snacks healthy?

Unfortunately many so-called healthy snacks that you can buy contain added sugar. Just because a snack is fruit based does not guarantee it is low sugar so always read the label to be sure of what you or your children are eating.

California Prune Energy Balls

Now don’t get us wrong, we are not for one minute suggesting that you should cut out snacks! We love a snack but more than that, we love a snack that is nutritionally beneficial. That is where prunes come in.

Prune Power

It’s worth re-capping on what the sugar content of prunes means. One single prune comes from one single plum and both contain exactly the same amount of naturally occurring sugar. The prune however, contains less water. It is for this reason you cannot compared the sugar per 100g of plums versus prunes. The sugar content of plums is diluted by the water and therefore contains less sugar per 100g than prunes.

Prunes are now the only natural, whole and dried fruit to achieve an authorised ruling by the European Commission. Eating 100g California Prunes daily contributes to normal bowel function as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Prunes are also high in vitamin K and are a good source of manganese. This supports the maintenance of normal bones, helps with normal blood clotting and plays a role in protecting cells within the body from oxidative damage.



Convenient snacking

Snacks are all about convenience and we think our California Prunes are pretty high up there. You will find snack recipes on our website that take our prunes add a few nuts or porridge and before you know it you have California Prune energy balls or Breakfast flapjack. But what could be simpler than popping a handful of prunes into a snack pot with a couple of nuts?

California Prunes are the ultimate portable snack that fit into your adventures as easily as your hand fits into a snack pot. Your kids love them and because you know they are healthy, you love them too.

We’d be delighted if you would share your adventures with us as you go on your travels. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and will gladly share your snacking pit-stops on our accounts if you tag us. We look forward to seeing where your prune-powered snacks take you!