Back to school with California Prunes

Back to school with California Prunes

Back to School with california prunes

At the beginning of the summer holidays we look forward to the six weeks ahead of fun and carefree days. All too quickly we are back at the start of school again and the daily grind of getting a healthy breakfast into the children, looking for interesting but healthy lunchbox ideas and filling the gap between home and tea time becomes the norm again.

The challenge is to fill them up with tasty food that will keep them feeling full for longer without adding unnecessary sugar into their diet.

California Prunes are high in fibre and do not include any added sugar giving them a low glycemic index which means your body takes longer to digest the food, avoiding a sugar spike and then a subsequent crash. When children need to concentrate all morning on their lessons a breakfast with a low GI is a winner.

Healthy breakfasts keep up concentration levels till lunchtime

Here at California Prunes, we have a few options the kids can choose from for breakfast. The only difficulty that may come is choosing which one so be sure to get up early to give them time to choose!

Our granola has that perfect mix of crunch, sweetness and chewy textures that can be eaten with milk or yoghurt for a creamier flavour.

For purists we also have a delicious muesli, all the goodness of the granola but with less crunch.


The other idea is Peter Sidwell’s Breakfast flapjack-to-go for those in a hurry. Prepare the bars the day before and even if you are in a hurry you can make sure the children get a healthy sustaining breakfast to see them through till lunchtime.


Lunchbox treats that aren’t packed full of sugar

Muffins are traditionally a morning coffee treat but we think our California Prune Oat Muffins are a lovely addition for their lunchboxes. They also have a lower GI to keep your children going through the afternoon, but they aren’t packed full of added sugar which may get banned from the dining halls of some schools.

Another idea is to pop a couple of our California Prune energy balls into their lunchbox. These include chai seeds and nuts which add their own nutritional benefits as well as the sweetness of the prunes.

After school snacks to fill the gap until tea-time

It’s inevitable after a hard day at school that they are going to come home hungry. Rather than reaching for the biscuit tin, we have created a couple of alternative fruit breads that cut down on sugar.

The first is the California Prune and Banana Teabread, a slice of which will definitely satisfy until tea-time.

Orange and California Prune Nut Bread

If banana is not their favourite then we have a tangy alternative: Orange California Prune Nut Bread which adds a healthy portion of protein to their diet too.

We think there are enough choices in our recipe pages to give your children a variety of breakfasts, lunches and snacks without the week getting too repetitive. We are always interested in hearing your ideas for alternatives though. If your children have a favourite snack that you give them for school please let us know in a comment or tag us on Twitter, facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

In the meantime, we hope your children’s school days are filled with fun and learning, not hunger!