Celebrating Real Bread Week

Celebrating Real Bread Week

Real bread, not the packaged sandwich loaf in the supermarket, but REAL bread, made slowly and without additives. That’s what we are talking about.

Real Bread Week was launched in 2009 and since then the Real Bread Campaign has launched many converts on the path to successful bread-making at home. Not only that but it has also sent many customers to our nation’s wonderful bakeries.

Our Brand Ambassador Peter Cook, runs his own bakery in Worcester and is a real bread advocate. Peter uses organic flour and only the best quality ingredients in his bread. So who better to go to when you need some bread-making advice?

We went to visit him recently to get a few pointers to help our California Prune fans on their bread-making journeys. His top tips have been recorded and posted on our YouTube channel to refer to as you take your loaves to the next level.

peter cook - how to knead dough

Peter Cook’s top tips on bread-making can be found on our YouTube channel.

Peter covers kneading, shaping, stretching and folding and adding fruit (like prunes) in these short videos so you will soon be off and baking. Even experienced bakers could discover a new method that they haven’t tried before so we recommend you have a watch.

With the techniques mastered, the next step is discover some inspiring recipes. We have that covered too on our recipe pages.

For a sweet loaf you may like to try our Tear and Share California Prune Brioche.

Tear and Share California Prune Brioche

Or if time isn’t on your side how about this quick California Prune Soda bread.

For a real bread that works at any time of day you should also try our California Prune and Almond Bread.

That should keep you going for a while. But if you are still looking for more just search twitter for #realbreadweek where bakers are joining in the fun and sharing their loaves and love of real bread.

So get baking but don’t forget to follow us and tag us on Twitter so we can celebrate Real Bread Week with you.

Happy baking!