Bouncing Back to School with California Prunes

Bouncing Back to School with California Prunes

Back to school can mean a slump in energy and a down turn in motivation (and that’s just the parents).

The effort required to get up and out in the morning, the routine of pack lunches or the inevitable cries of “I’m hungry” as soon as they walk in the door can feel like too much to bear after the long lazy weeks of the school summer holidays.

Fortunately California Prunes have a few tricks/recipes to ease the transition.

Off to a good start

Getting the day off to a good start is vital. Teasing them out of their beds in the morning and then packing breakfast with as much energy providing nutrients as possible isn’t always easy. So try popping a slice of California Prune and Wheaten bread in the toaster.

California Prune Wheaten Bread

California Prune Wheaten Bread

The smell of toast is irresistible. Couple that with the sweet edge of fibre boosting California Prunes and the biggest decision you will have to face is what to spread? Butter (obviously, lashings of) and then…. Marmalade? Or what about mixing sweet and savoury with a dollop of marmite (love it)?

Energy Packed Lunch

That should be enough energy to get them through till lunchtime. Now to pack their lunch with a sweet treat but one that lifts the Back to School mood and prevents an afternoon slump.

As the name suggests, Energy Boost Bars are lunch box friendly, tick the right nutritional boxes and are, most importantly, delicious.

energy boost Bars

California Prune Energy Boost Bars

Beating After-School Munchies

Are after-school-munchies the biggest problem for your kids when they return to school? Then we have a solution for that too.

Our recipe for Orange, California Prune and Nut Loaf is a tasty slice of sanity after a busy day at school.

Orange and California Prune Nut Bread

Orange, California Prune and Nut Bread

Eaten freshly sliced off the loaf, or lightly toasted it is delicious and just filling enough to get them through to tea-time without completely ruining their appetite.

So whatever time of day is crunch time for your school children (or you), keep a pack of juicy California Prunes in the cupboard to get you out of trouble.